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Attorney Lee periodically contributed immigration law columns to The Korea Times Newspaper, The Education Newspaper in U.S., and The Eastern Medicine Newspaper. He also makes regular appearances as a guest speaker on RadioK1230 station and answers any questions the audience may have regarding all types of immigration matters during his live appearances.


  • B.A. from Seoul National University, South Korea
  • J.D. from Northwestern University School of Law, Illinois
  • Immigration Law Associates, Professional Corporation
  • Legal Department of Centro Romero (Intern and Externship)
  • Asian Human Services


  • Human Rights Abuse in China
  • A Comparative Study of Human Rights and Economic Department in S. Korea and Taiwan
  • Diversity-based Affirmative Action in International Law
  • The Legal Perspective on Surrogate Motherhood
  • The First Amendment and Freedom of the Press: The U.S. and Korea Compared
  • Policing in America: Issues in Accountability